What is send to OopsyPad?

Dump files that typically contain:

  • CPU context (register data) as it was at the time the crash occurred, and an indication of which thread caused the crash. General-purpose registers are included, as are special-purpose registers such as the instruction pointer (program counter).
  • Information about each thread of execution within a crashed process, including:
    • The memory region used for each thread’s stack.
    • CPU context for each thread, which for various reasons is not the same as the crash context in the case of the crashed thread.
  • A list of loaded code segments (or modules), including:
    • The name of the file (.so, .exe, .dll, etc.) which provides the code.
    • The boundaries of the memory region in which the code segment is visible to the process.
    • A reference to the debugging information for the code module, when such information is available.